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UEFI Bootloader pauses for 5 minutes

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 13 at 5:35 AM
Hello everyone,

I have an unusual problem. I've used VC on several systems before with no problem, and I love it, but I can't figure this one out.

NOTE: This is NOT about slow password checking or booting taking a little slower than usual.

The situation: I'm using a clean Win 10 x64 install w/ UEFI on a GPT drive. The VC EFI bootloader loads fine. I enter my password and PIM, then it moves to Windows boot. So far so good.

But after that the WIn 10 logo and the spinning dots come up for just a second or two, then the whole screen goes blank. No HDD blinkenlights, no logo or dots; the screen is blank (actually turns off b/c of lack of signal)... nothing. This persists for about 5 minutes... then suddenly it starts working again, and the Windows logon screen comes up like nothing happened. It's literally about 5~6 minutes of just blank screen.

This happened on the pre-encryption boot test as well, before the drive was even encrypted, so I know it's not just taking a long time to decrypt the Windows partition (also, it's an SSD, it shouldn't be that slow). Actually I thought at first the pre-test was just failing and I reset and retried couple of times before I accidentally discovered it does boot eventually.

Normal Windows bootloader boots fine, in just a couple of seconds (or it did before encryption).

I've tried looking around here for ideas or ways to change the bootloader settings to try things, but I haven't had much luck. Any suggestions?