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Veracrypt freezing in specific situation - potential bug

Topics: Technical Issues
Dec 28, 2016 at 11:57 AM
This has happened 4 times now with different drives and it is really concerning me. It occurred on two of my 8TB seagate drives which have an 8TB Veracrypt partition that is NTFS. I am starting to think it might be the 8TB partition size.

Basically, I am using it as normal, copying large amounts of data across (many small files - in this instance 200,000 files totalling 200gb) and eventually the copying progress stops and just hangs. Then i try to access the drive via my computer and that hangs too. Then everything starts to hang up. Explorer hangs too.

If i try to force dismount the drive, that hangs too. Its as though VC has taken up the data lane. The only way out is to do a cold restart or just switch off the drive thats encrypted via veracrypt. This has resulted in data corruption twice. Now this was a few months ago.

The same problem has happened again and I am not sure if its because the drive is 8tb. I managed to copy the same set of files across to another VC partition on a drive thats 4tb.

Is there some way to log the issues that are taking place as this happens? because i cannot see what else is triggering it.

Info about my PC:
  • Intel i5 CPU
  • 32gb ram
  • Windows 7
The drive is on a usb enclosure by vantec that i have used for many years without any issues.
Dec 28, 2016 at 2:55 PM