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make encrypted folder automaticly mounted on only one machine

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Nov 24, 2016 at 4:03 PM
hi every one ,
at first , i'm new at veracrypt
this is the situation,

i have a windows server protected by windows PW.
i need to encrypt a folder in the server HDD so no body can copy it even if he has stolen my server and opened it to have the HDD externally to copy this folder on another machine.

but , at the same time , i need this folder accessible to the server processes without windows login.

i mean this folder should be automatically accessible to the running processes on my server machine but cannot be accessible of useful to any other machine, if some body stolen my HDD and try to copy it from the HDD on another computer.

so , can veracrypt doing that or not
if yes ... how?
if not ... do you suggest any other solution

thanks for time and support