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Using smaller decoy system / expanding hidden system size

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Nov 20, 2016 at 8:08 PM
I have an issue. I attempt to create a hidden system and decoy one, that works without any issue so far.
What I am limited to, however, is the initial size of partition before I install veracrypt.
I make a 32gb partition and install windows on it, then proceed with vera crypt and make another partition (fat) behind it consuming all free space (cca 450gb).
I am now able to copy the installed system into hidden sector and thus make a hidden system.
Then I proceed with wiping all original content on first partition and am able to install and encrypt fresh copy of windows there.
What I am left now though, is 32gig decoy, 450gig secure container with 32gig decoy system inside.
I would like to expand the hidden system so it can populate almost entire secure container.

What I need in the end is having 32gig decoy on first partition, followed by 450gig secure container with 449gig hidden system inside.

I am using an SSD to space is really costly and can't afford to buy a disk double the size to accomodate two large systems.
Anyone could provide me with insight on this?
Thanks very much.