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How to repair a damaged hidden volume?

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Nov 17, 2016 at 1:01 PM
So few month ago I have a 2T veracrypt encryted file were mount on the outter volume and the shitty windows 10 auto reboot itself while I am leaved. The system hanged on closing screen for two hour then I cut off power.
After boot veracrypt show error message attached below while I mount the hidden volume with correct password. I can mount the outter volume, but most of files in it were damaged. I have the file copied to a new hdd just bought today and try to repaire it. Unfortunately, neither windows' own disk repair nor "restore volume header" can get the damaged hidden volume back to live.
Any other methord I can try to repaire the hidden volume??
Thank you!
"Operation Failed due to one or more of the following:
-incorrect password.
  • Incorrect Volume PIM number
  • Incorrect PRF (hash)
  • Not a valid volume
I know that the outer volume were damaged. After a point all the files in outer volume corrupted. However, I don't know weather the corruption affect only some parts of entire volume, or corrupted starting from that point all the way to the end of entire file.
I tried "use backup header embedded in volume if available" option, but it still can't load hidden volume after checkdisk "fix and recovery".
It is possible that checkdisk can't identify the veracrypt header and then erase it. I believe this is more likely to be the case. Due to the fact that I can't create a backup hidden volume header from the corrupted Since I did not back up the encrypt header to other place. I am trying to recover the header from origional file manually. Can anyone provide infomation on how to identify veracrypt header?
I have read this document, but not sure where can I find the hidden volume header:
Another guess is that all the data were somehow corrupted after that point, which made the correct hidden volume header can't decrypt the hidden volume.
There was a TestCrypt software which can find lost volume but it seems there aren't any similar software available for veracrypt now.