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How about adding a utility to build a custom encryted system ?

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Nov 2, 2016 at 7:50 AM
Well I'm thinking of something like this . Now we if we need to use the ( hidden ) system encrypted we would have to start the targeted system and do it at that system's enviroment , but what if my hidden system always gone unbootable after a while I install that thing ( the hidden system )? I would have to remove my decoy system and then do it again . It just take too long and basically my computer is locked up for like 3 hours . Every month . ( Seriously , that's why I gave up hidden system and move to live system . )

So how about we just make a utility thing that just do these things in a PE ? Of course if we choose to use system encryption we gotta sacrifice some time for security , but think about my past situation . 30 minuites using ghost to restore the system base , roughly 3 minuites to do the config of hidden system ( that wizard ) , then 3 hours to copy the base to hidden volume . If the utility is avaliable ... well in time it only saves me that 30 minuites , but it'll make that 3 hours avaliable for me to do other work as well , like editing word file .

And that utility should not just be limited to creating hidden system . If you want to do the system encryption you could just do it at your current enviroment . No need to move to that system to contnue your project .

Advice welcomed .