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Linux - user group and container mount directories.

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Oct 26, 2016 at 5:44 AM
I have two matters to inquire about in Linux:

Prior versions had a VeraCrypt user group. That bypassed the need to enter a root password for mounting containers. Is it gone now? Or does it not work in OpenSuse Leap?

I run 5 different containers. Some quite large to hold entire virtual machine files in a Linux host. If I mount a container through the GUI interface, it will always mount to its prescribed mount directory (/veracrypt3, /veracrypt5, and so on.) But if I mount through a console, the container mounts to the first unused mount directory (/veracrypt1 if its unused). In Windows, a mounting drive letter can be specified in a command line. But that switch doesn’t work for Linux. I tried it with numbers. Maybe I’m using it wrong but it seems to be for Windows only.

Why this is important:
Various software like VirtualBox and back-up software requires that the source or destination drive be specified in that software’s setup options. Consequently, that container must be assigned to the same mount directory every time in order to be located by some software.

Extend the command line specification to accept both letters and numbers.

When mounting from the console, look for a container file name match in the GUI favorites and mount to the mount directory specified in the GUI favorites.

I don’t use encrypted devices. I suspect a similar fix is in order there too.

Thanks for a great software package!