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I have a few questions on SSDs, wear-leveling and multiple partitions

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Oct 6, 2016 at 6:03 PM
Hi all. I am thinking of buying a Sandisk Ultra II SSD 960GB, because it is reasonably priced and nicely sized. I wanted to use it as a system drive (encrypted) and another partition for other stuff.

I've been reading up on the topic a bit and I know that although partitioning SSDs doesn't matter to the controller, there are security risks to encrypting only part an SSD (the wear levelling and trim thing). I don't really feel like encrypting the entire drive, because that would just slow down the programs I'd like to put on the unencrypted partition (and even if I did encrypt the entire drive the wear-leveling article on the Veracrypt site gives doubt to its security).
  • Am I best off just buying two smaller seperate SSDs?
  • I had been thinking of just leaving the entire drive unencrypted and store all important information on a seperate old HDD, but since a lot of programs store data in Windows' Users/Documents it wouldn't be very secure.
  • Alternatively I could install Windows and all the information I need secure on the old HDD and install everything else on the SSD. But I wouldn't get any of that nice SSD booting speed (sacrifices need to be made I guess).
What do you guys do to resolve these issues or are there any other recommendations on what to do? It is not like I need everything 100% safe from leaks, but I just like my most important stuff sort of secure.

Thank you all!