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I'd like to get log of some values in running time.

Topics: Technical Issues
Sep 20, 2016 at 8:33 AM
I downloaded source code at this site and compiled on Ubuntu 16.04(VM)

It is working without any problem.

I am trying to get noise sources of Veracrypt's random number generator.
(I'm student studying RNG)

So, i modified this source in order to monitor running time noise sources.

First, i inserted "printf" function wherever noise sources are mixed into the pool.

But it is not working. (the veracrypt program works well)
(after modifying, i luanched #/src/Main/veracrypt or on terminal)

Second, wherever mixing point in the source code, i inserted fprintf function.

At Randinit function in #/src/Common/Random.c, I opened file pointer.
(the FILE pointer is allocate as global variable)

But it is not working...

Because i will estimate a entropy of noise sources, i need to get values.

how can i do??

Thanks in advance.