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Can I use VeraCrypt on my home network

Topics: Technical Issues
Sep 18, 2016 at 7:03 PM
At my home I have a large hard drive plugged into the router (creating a network drive) and anyone can use it. I partitioned it so it has two drives. I want to use one of the drives just for myself to keep backups for business. Nothing big here, I just want to backup spreadsheets and documents for home use. Anyway, I don't want everyone getting into it. So I want to password protect that drive, just the partition I'm using (leaving the other one so anyone can use it). I was thinking a good way to do that would be to encrypt the drive. But it is unclear to me if VeraCrypt is supposed to be able to that. The VeraCrypt Document has a brief session on Network that indicates I should be able to do so. But I can't.

I have VeraCrypt on my computer but it does not seem to be able to see my network drives. Am I doing something wrong? Is it that Veracrypt does not work over a network? If it does not does anyone know a go alternative.