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Incorrect Drive decrypted using rescue disk

Topics: Technical Issues
Aug 2, 2016 at 8:37 PM
Edited Aug 2, 2016 at 9:14 PM
What happens when you accidentally decrypt a non-system drive using the rescue disk?

This happened when I had a failed windows update and the system crashed. What I did not know at the time is that this was not a windows error, but rather a BIOS failure. All indications were that this was something I've dealt with several times before when the boot partition would get corrupted during an update. I've seen it several times and handled it the same way each time without problem.

I had no indication that I had a BIOS issue at that time. Not until I had ran all the normal routines and nothing worked this time. This is where complacency and laziness bit me in the butt. As normally when something like this happened I would physically remove all other drives from the computer to protect the integrity of those drives. (impossible to mess them up if they aren't installed) Well this time I got lazy and just let the system run. To my huge mistake.

Obviously, since this was NOT the system drive nothing worked. I then removed all the drives and installed only the C: drive in preparation to scan the drive. When I turned on the computer it booted normally. In that instant I knew exactly what was wrong and went strait into BIOS to find that it had been totally scrambled. It was trying to boot drive id=3 instead of id=0 (among other issues). After having to totally re-flash BIOS and resetting everything again the computer now boots correctly and the previously mentioned updates are now loaded fine.

The problem now is drive id=3. Since I ran all the recovery tools for a system drive not knowing this was the incorrect drive. I'm no longer able to mount this drive. Could veracrypt actually decrypt the drive after running the Restore Key Data tool? Or do I have to recover a drive that is still technically encrypted? In what state should I expect the data on this drive to be? Do I have a header issue or a partition issue or something totally different?

Note: All of the following steps were taken with the assumption I was working on drive id=0 (system drive) not id=3 (non-system drive). All hard drives in my system use full drive encryption.
  1. I started with running the "Restore VeraCrypt Boot Loader" tool.
  2. When that didn't work I then ran the "Restore key data" tool.
  3. When those didn't work I ran the "Permanently decrypt the partition/drive" tool. (passwords for both drives are the same, so as to run the "favorites" auto-mount function when booting)
  4. After the decrypt process said it was complete I ran the "Restore original system loader" tool .
Lastly, I'm currently in the process of making an image of this drive to another spare drive as I type, to preserve my original data. While I'm waiting for that process to complete, I'm now considering the best steps to take next on this drive, what do you guys think the next route to take should be?