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Add option to send shutdown events on dismount to processes whose have open files on dismounting volume

Topics: Feature Requests
Jul 29, 2016 at 10:49 AM
Forced volume auto dismount (logout, screen lock, timeout) could broke open files on volume. F.e. I have got several times broken keepass database. I'm sure, some other applications could also be sensitive to volume dismount.

Open files on volume, if forced dismount is disabled, prevent volume dismount making security suffer in some cases.

Solution is to make Veracrypt more intelligent adding handling the selected processes behavior if they have open files on volume during forced dismount - f.e. send them signals to close, allowing correct application shutdown freeing open files descriptors. And, after certain timeout, f.e. 5-30s, dismount volume.

To make it selectable - maintain optional user configurable list of applications to close notify with option of populating it based on current processes with open files on mounted volume.