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volTransformThreadFunction:2715 Invalid parameter.

Topics: Technical Issues
Jul 28, 2016 at 1:18 PM

first of all I want to thank you for doing this magnificent work on VeraCrypt, keep it up guys.

However I have encountered some troubles during inplace non-system partition encryption (AES, SHA512).

I used to have one big partition on my 1TB drive, then I wanted to encrypt it, but also keep a little unencrypted partition (1024MB) to store a few files I need to use on the go, so I wouldnt have to mount it everytime.

What I did was shrinking the partition using GParted on Ubuntu, creating 1024MB of space right at the end of the disk, then added this small partition. Rebooted into Windows and started encryption on the big partition. Here is probably the catch, and it is my fault, Windows did not recognize the other small partition, only the big one, but I proceeded with a thought of fixing that later since the partition I wanted to encrypt appeared to have the right size(after shrinking). I paused and defered the encryption at 35%, then the other day when I wanted to continue, Windows recognized both partitions in RAW format (used to be NTFS,FAT32), and when I tried to resume the encryption on the bigger partition, however it would not find any paused encryption going on that partition. The small partition on the other hand does have this paused 'session', I can load it into state as I left it before, but when I want to resume it fails with a quote volTransformThreadFunction:2715 Invalid parameter. (Logically because it is the small 1024MB partition which I didnt start to encrypt)

NOTE: big partition does contain valuable data, small is empty

If you could please suggest any possible solution to my problem I would be greatly pledged.
Im programmer myself and I am opened to any harakiri, raw disk manipulation.

Thank you so much for any idea