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Password not accepted, Drive is 1/3 encrypted

Topics: Technical Issues
Jun 14, 2016 at 6:59 PM
I installed VeraCrypt yesterday and performed a full system encryption

I tested the password before the encryption by rebooting the machine.

The encryption got to around 30% when i had to leave for the day, so i deferred the encryption then shutdown the laptop.

I then tried to access the laptop today only to be told that the password was incorrect. After quite a bit of googleing to try and resolve the issue i have drawn a blank.

I'm currently performing a recovery on the drive to try and get back what wasn't encrypted, i do have a backup but it's around 3 months old so i'm trying to get back what i can from those 3 months.

Unfortunately i didn't move the recovery iso off the hard disk before shutting down so i'm hoping i can get it back from the recovery

Is this something that anyone can help with?