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VeraCrypt can not find partition

Topics: Technical Issues
Jun 10, 2016 at 4:10 PM
I had my main C Drive encrypted using VeraCrypt.

My PC froze except for the mouse cursor, so I manually restarted the computer.

The VeraCrypt bootloader would no longer appear, so I used the rescue disk to repair the key data and the bootloader (options 2 and 3).

I was then able to get past the VeraCrypt bootloader with the right password. However instead of loading Windows I got some message about BOOTMGR not being available (or something like that) and about hardware/software being changed and about hardware not being available.

I therefore followed VeraCrypt instructions to fully decrypt the drive so that I could then try and use a Windows repair tool to fix the drive. The problem is that the decryption process was extremely slow. Like it would take a month to fully decrypt the drive. If I recall it did say something about a bad sector or something like that.

So instead I installed windows 10 on an empty hard drive I had so that I could at least have a computer in short term. I then tried to mount the faulty drive through the VeraCrypt software but I would get a message telling me that no partitions can be found.

To be clear, the partition is there in disk manager, but is asking me to initialize it, and of course I dont want to do that as it is my understanding that I will lose all the data on it.

But if I dont initialize it then VeraCrypt cant mount it. So Im stuck!

To be clear, when I select the drive to mount in Veracrypt the drive is there (partition 0, 471GB) - but after putting in the password is says partition not found.

So what do I do? Any solutions? Anything I'm missing or that I should be doing differently?

I would really like to try and access this drive so that I can at least try and get data off of it.

Please help! :) Thanks! :)