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error inccorrect volume size.

Topics: Technical Issues
May 30, 2016 at 11:56 AM
Dear sirs. I had an issue with Veracrypt container, so I need your advice on detailed checking of floppy drive, and hard drive/ The situation is such. I have tried to open container to open which password and key are necessary. When the container was created key was placed on the floppy disc, which I inserted to external USB floppy drive. When it was copied to another floppy. The container was always on the same hard drive. when I tried to mount it there were error with phrase "incorrect volume size." Several other tries failed. I could open the container, when used the copy of the key and marked the option: Use backup header embedded in volume if available.
Please write me, if there can be some other reasons of this problem, except of its physical damage. I have checked the surface of hard drive with HDD sentinel, there are no surface errors. The floppy discs were checked with special software. The smart is Ok. The floppies were checked with special software also. No errors.