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use veracrypt to create container file on Linux backup media?

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May 29, 2016 at 4:10 PM
I plan to try Linux Mint on my laptop, with LUKS/dmcrypt whole-disk encryption. I also want to run Win10 and Kali as VMs, using KVM.

With the VMs off, I want to back up the Win10 VM onto an external hard disk, with the virtual disk data encrypted. I don't want to "dual encrypt", I just want the virtual disk file on the external USB disk to be encrypted. So Veracrypt seems like a solution. Here is the process flow I am thinking of:
1) shut down Win10 VM if needed;
2) plug in and mount external USB drive to Linux Mint;
3) mount container file on external USB drive using Veracrypt;
4) copy Win10 VM folder to container file;
5) dismount container file, dismount external USB drive, remove.

This seems to offer complete portability and disaster recovery.

Will this work? Any issues?