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Is it possible that VC is a little too sensitive in detecting an Evil Maid attack and thus producing false positives?

Topics: Technical Issues
May 9, 2016 at 7:46 PM
Hi Idrassi,

Just to let you know that there was an update in the Evil Maid thread a week ago and another user experienced the exact same thing as me. This prompts the question, do you think it's just a coincident and it's very likely that something is wrong with our system, OR, do you think VC might be too sensitve in detecting the possiblility of an Evil Maid attempt to harm the system and thus producing some false positives, and thus it might be worth to investigate further to see if there is anything to be changed in VC that prevents such false positives?

The original Evil Maid thread is here.

Your insight is appreciated, thanks.