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3TB GPT Partition?

Topics: Technical Issues
May 9, 2016 at 5:26 AM

What is the best option to encrypt my two internal 3TB HDDs and two external 3TB USB3-HDDs with Veracrypt? I'm running Win10 on a encrypted 120GB SSD and want to automount the four HDDs on boot via "system favorites".

I changed the hdds from MBR to GPT so I could allocate all 3TB. Then I have created a 3TB primary partition and tried to encrypt it with veracrypt, but veracrypt only allows me to use 2TB of the partition.

After that doesn't worked I have encrypted the whole drive (after removing the hidden GPT partition) but now veracrypt remarks me that this isn't a good option, because it is neither a partition nor a dynamic volume, what will cause problems with mounting as system favorites when the order of drives changes.

I really want to use 4 * 3TB and not 4 * 2TB partitions + 4 * 1 TB partitions.
What should I do now?

Format the four hdds again as windows dynamic volumes, but if I do that, is that as safe as normal volumes in point of data loss? And wouldn't this be a compability problem when mounting the two USB-HDDs to another computer?
It is possible and reasonable to just create a 3TB container inside a unencrypted 3TB partition?

I simply want to have two reliable encrypted automounted 3TB partitions and then backup them from time to time to the two USB drives.