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Segmented volumes

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Apr 11, 2016 at 8:46 PM
Edited Apr 11, 2016 at 8:49 PM
Use case

As a person who uses online cloud services for a backup of my VeraCrypt volume, I would like to have the volume broken up into a customizable size based on my backup service restrictions. So for example, Google Drive has a (as of this writing) a 25 meg limit and OneDrive has a 50 meg limit. Since my critical data is larger than this size, I need some way to store my information without breaking it up into multiple VeraCrypt volumes (which is confusing and makes adding larger files difficult).

Additional notes

This is also beneficial because many backup services do not include "delta" copying, or sending data to the server only what has changed in a file. Smaller volumes mean fewer of these files will be uploaded when small changes are made to the VeraCrypt volume.

Volumes can be broken up with a variety of tools but I've seen only one or two that are cross-platform and are not as effective as a live, active backup tool. Security after all is about availability and not just keeping out the Bad Guys.


You might (for example) have a volume that is 94 megs appear as follows:
FILE                  -- SIZE  -- 25 megs  -- 25 megs  -- 25 megs  -- 19 megs
VMware has a similar system by default for their VMDK volumes to combat the 2 gig file size limit on FAT formatted drives.

Workaround: Dropbox

The Dropbox service has no file size limit and does enable delta copying so this service is ideal for current VeraCrypt users. It does have a total data limit (starting at around 2 gigs) and premium plans tend to be more expensive than other cloud data storage services.