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Can Mount But Can't See Files...

Topics: Technical Issues
Apr 6, 2016 at 1:03 AM
I went through the process of encrypting and mounting a new USB. I created a test folder and put 12 images inside the folder. I copied the folder into the USB. I dismounted and remounted and the folder is visible, however, when I open it the folder is empty.

To make this even more exciting, I am now getting a 'The system cannot find the path specified", "Source Mount 4462" error making it impossible to even mount the USB. When I was able to mount the USB, I could "check file system" and the 12 test images I put into the test folder and copied into the USB are there, the folder is just indicating that it is empty. Unfortunately now I cannot even get it to mount.

I'm unsure what has happened, however, if anyone can provide a bit of insight I would greatly appreciate the input.
Apr 7, 2016 at 11:07 AM
So you have encrypted the whole usb stick, or a file container and placed it on the stick? Windows or linux? In one sentence you are talking about encypting USB, in other you are remounting folder. So I guess you have encrypted whole stick and you are on linux. If you have encrypted the whole flash, you cannot mount it as usual, you will have to mount it using veracrypt to whatever mount point you have access to. I'd try to run veracrypt as root (su), on some distros I remeber I had problems with truecrypt when it was launched as normal user. Of course it could be bad flash too.