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Trying to install Veracrypt on USB drive

Topics: Technical Issues, Users Discussion
Dec 4, 2015 at 6:59 PM
I use Veracrypt on my PC and like it so much that I would like to install Veracryt on my portable usb drive that has a very sensitive program that so that I can place this program in a Veracrypt encrypted container on the portable drive.
I downloaded the setup file to my USB drive and clicked on the setup file.
The first thing it asks for is:
Upgrade or Extract...which do I use?
I first tried Extract but then when I clicked NEXT, a window pops up with a note that says "Please note the operating system requires drivers to be registered with it before it can be started. Hence the Veracrypt driver is not and cannot be fully portable whereas the Veracrypt application is."
I'm not sure I understand...I simply want Veracrypt to create an encrypted container that I can then move the sensitive program into, so that if someone steals this usb drive, they will not be able to open the container where the program is stored.
Thanks for helping me understand this process.