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How much junk are you running?

Topics: Technical Issues
Feb 4, 2015 at 9:27 PM
Edited Feb 5, 2015 at 12:02 PM
Regarding TrueCrypt, and VeraCrypt under Windows:

I’m sure there are plenty of legitimate issues people encounter from time to time. I've had plenty of computer problems myself. However, I think of a lot of the conflicts people have regarding Truecrypt and VeraCrypt could also be related to the fact that many people run their computers with way too many start-up applications, and background services and that's how you start running into conflicts. If you're not using something, it should not be running, sadly many programs install services that run in the background, such as iTunes. Again, I don't want to sound like one of them people that says, "It never happens to me" But I’ve run TrueCrypt for over 6 years and now VeraCrypt with absolutely no issues with all kinds of drives, I don't like USB drives but I do have a few as backups. But I never put trust into them. I recommend buying internal SATA drives and put a bay or a few in the front of your computer. Then store your drives in the original box.

I’ve even ran a Hidden OS under XP because I was fascinated to see if it really worked. Not one glitch. But note: I also keep my system very clean, I don’t have fifty million things running in my sys tray or background services to programs I don't use often. Virus protectors, system suites are a waste of money and not needed if your monitor your startup apps with something like autoruns, or Process explorer, and TCPview. I also don’t even update my OS, XP, or 7 anymore. No issues what’s so ever. I think people really need to look at all the stuff they have running on their computer (first). Then any issues with VeraCrypt after that would be something regarding the VeraCrypt itself.

I would agree, 99% of the issues are related to windows itself, or some other security software. Keep it lean, trimmed down.