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Topics: Feature Requests
Jan 11, 2015 at 11:54 PM

Today I come to propose STRENGTHENING OF ALGORITHMS in their levels of encryption

eg all veracrypt algorithm are AES, SERPENT, TWOFISH
their default bit encryption 256

My proposal is to add the option of three different levels of encryption

for example AES

cause the engine to 256-bit encryption multiplied by two
That would give users create a container veracrypt algorithm AES 512-bit encryption

I mean multiplying the encryption engine algorithms on 3 levels that would
 AES: 256,512,1024 bits
SERPENT: 256,512,1024 bits

TWOFISH: 256,512,1024 bits

with their respective combinations

for some users it would seem unnecessary to them claiming the 256-bit encryption
is more than enough but the truth is that it is never enough when it comes to
governments with their supercomputers like the NSA and the CIA any encryption algorithm or the
world is 100 percent indestructible

what we can do is making them entry to our Difil much personal information to decipher it would multiplying the encryption capability because the more harder bits
deciphering is a document

another option would also be important to add that would increase the iterations of course leaving the user the option if you want to increase the iterations or not

anything that would also be perfect would be the combination of hash algorithms because the
Probability that two or more hashing algorithms is decrypted hash is greatly increased only
decrypt a single algorithm

understand that all of these implementations would result in a performance impact
but would suggest that the shape of these proposals seek implentar without affecting performance

Please comentemen that seems