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Easy Drive Letter Swap

Topics: Feature Requests
Nov 18, 2014 at 2:52 PM
Obviously not an important feature, but a useful one.

Ability to swap mounted drive letter easily.

When a user mounts encrypted volumes they sometimes assign the wrong drive letter to mounted drives.

This can cause problems with scripts and backup software etc.

Assuming the user sets VeraCrypt to remember the password for these drives, would it please be possible to make an easy way for the user to swap drive letters assigned to mounted volumes ?

Currently the user has to un-mount, select another drive letter, select the volume again and then remount each drive.

The ideal situation would be the user could simply drag the mounted drive-volume to a spare drive letter in the VeraCrypt main drive list window.

VeraCrypt would dismount and remount automatically in the background, allowing the user to quickly and easily swap drive letters around.