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Nov 13, 2014 at 12:59 AM
I just had a few questions about the difference between Veracrypt and something like Diskcryptor. I wanted to know your views about the differences in the product themselves and which is more secure(in your eyes). Also for future releases will I have to decrypt and encrypt again to get the bug fixes and new features?
Nov 13, 2014 at 1:33 AM
Diskcryptor has a better approach to the boot loader than VeraCrypt currently does. However I understand VeraCrypt will be adopting a separate boot loader in the future.

Diskcryptor is secure as far as I know, there was a lot of development at first and then virtually nothing for a long period of time.

CipherShed looked promising for a while but they have a "committee" approach to development. As with all committee's nothing actually gets done due to constant discussions LOL They still have not decided 100% on a name never mind actually doing anything.

VeraCrypt for me is the future, you may as well join in now :)

VeraCrypt was the first I believe to address some security issues with Truecrypt, like better hashing.

Although Mounir seems to be working on his own, he is at least pushing forward. All code recommendations from the audit have been sorted in VeraCrypt

I am no expert but looking at what Mounir has done so far I would say he knows what he is doing and equally importantly he is making progress.

If Mounir gets the next couple of releases of VeraCrypt out before the others then I don't see them catching him up as VeraCrypt will be rightfully seen as Truecrypts successor.
Nov 14, 2014 at 7:31 AM
L0ck's answer is very complete as usual!

I will just add that Diskcryptor uses also a very low iterations count (1000) which was the first weakness found in TrueCrypt. The author of Diskcrypto should increase this value to match the current advances in brute-force attacks.

Concerning future releases, no decryption/encryption is needed when there are bug fixes or new features. The storage format is stable and it won't change, and fixes are implemented for the program.
The only exception would be is the encryption algorithm used in the encryption (for example AES) becomes broken or unsafe (no body knows what can be discovered in the future). In this case, the only choice is to decrypt and encrypt using another algorithm.