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Possible bug report?


Using W10 Pro and VC 1.19. (uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled to rule out any corruption).

Trying to set up a hidden volume on a 500GB partition.

Using exFat I can create the outer volume with no problems, but when trying to create the inner volume it constantly defaults to 3,61GB maximum size out of the 400GB that should be possible. The window flashes twice when calculating the maximum size for the hidden volume and there is no option given to change the file system of the inner volume. So it looks like it is defaulting to FAT with no options.

Choosing FAT for the outer volume also gives the same results for the inner volume.

Only choosing NTFS for the outer volume will give you the option to choose exFAT for the inner volume and allow you to pick more than 3,61GB for it's size.

My knowledge is a little limited here, so apologies if I am getting this wrong. But I would have thought that if picking exFAT for the outer volume would address the large partition like NTFS does. Then I thought you would be able to have a large inner volume also with exFat for the outer one?

The language on the windows is ambiguous at best, and sometimes too long to fit in the window. It needs clarification in places. Such as asking if you intend storing files larger than 4GB in it? Does that mean larger than 4GB in total for all of the files, or does it mean single files larger than 4GB?

It is not very clear either how important it is to avoid NTFS for the file system these days, since so many computers use NTFS in the windows world.