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VeraCrypt Bootloader failed to boot on a MacBookPro under BootCamp Windows 10 creatures update


The setup:

An Apple MacBookPro Notebook with OSX (Apple Mac OS) and a large (897 GB) basic-GPD NTFS partition is the target to encrypt (only the Windows partition). The windows system installed is the latest enterprise version of Windows 10 Creators Update upgrade release, the device driver toolkit from Apple is also the latest support package for BootCamp support. All partitions are created through the standard BootCamp creation App under MacOS.

The process done:

After starting (boot) the Windows Loader, Windows 10 get started and I installed the latest (current) VeraCrypt SW for Windows. I went into the system encryption setup process to Create and Use a VeraCrypt-Encrypted Partition (standard, not-hidden). I created also a VeraCrypt Rescue Disk.

The Problem:

After getting to the stage to reboot, the MacBookPro failed completely to boot. The MacOS Partition is ok (can boot and run) and I see also the Windows Boot Option in the Bios Setup of my Apple PC. But if I try to select and start the windows bootloader option, the PC freezes completely and halted. The same happens to the VeraCrypt Rescue Disk, if I try to boot directly from the previously prepaired USB-Stick: MacBookPro freezes completely. I attached the defective VeraCrypt Rescue Disk ZIP image here.

My considerations:

Something went completely wrong. I see a very short access to the rescure USB stick (LED blink) and then the PC dies. I am not so deep into the EFI boot process, but the PC failed in the very first steps. I am not convinced, that this has any relationship to the windows system installed or the MacOS system. It is the way the iBookPro tries to start the VerCrypt boot loader which went wrong, because the behaviour of the new installed VeraCrypt boot loader and the boot loader from the Rescue Disk is identical: PC freezed.

I am interested in getting this issue solved...

Happy Easter!

Heinz Kreft