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HP Laptop doesn't load Veracrypt EFI file.


I have encrypted my Windows 10 Home system partition on my laptop using VeraCrypt. Microsoft wants too much (~$100) just so I can have a feature that any laptop should have to have from the get go. Anyways After encrypting and finding I can boot into Windows if i push F9 at boot and select the EFI file that is in \EFI\VeraCrypt\DcsBoot.efi VeraCrypt asks for the password after I do it boots into Windows 10. If I don't push F9 it will boot into the HP automated repair system. I have tried changing the bootloader configuration using bcdedit but it doesn't work either. VeraCrypt has suggested installing their custom secure boot keys but I am unable to do so because I do not know how on this particular model. Can someone please help with some solution?