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Hidden volume limits to 3,61GB on Windows 10 Pro

Topics: Technical Issues
May 6 at 2:53 PM

I am trying to encrypt a 500GB partition with a hidden volume.

I select exFAT for the outer volume and the size is correct. I copy some files and the size is still correct. Then when I move to setting up the hidden volume, it keeps saying the maximum size is only 3.61GB, when it should be over 450GB.

It is like the hidden volume is formatting to only FAT32, but there are no settings to change the file system for the hidden volume.

Please can someone advise what I am getting wrong? Does this mean that I have to pick NTFS for the outer volume anyway, even though no single file will be over 4GB? Or is it that I need to say there will be files over 4GB, even though no single file will be? - Just so I can create larger volumes?

Thanks for any help!
May 12 at 3:05 AM
This seems to have become a place where you have to sort out your own problems? I hope this is because maintenance work is being done on VC, and not because influential people are losing interest?

I am going to report this as an issue, as my understanding of disk file formats is limited, but it seems I bight have uncovered a bug???

Please see my report in the "ISSUES" section of the forum for how I solved it and what I found out in the process.
May 12 at 10:38 AM
In the future, I would update your post to include the link to the issue you opened so other forum members can review your findings to provide assistance and make it easier for the developers of VeraCrypt to locate your issue since as time passes, other user issues will be at the top of the list.
May 12 at 1:10 PM
Thank you for that Enigma2Illusion. I was not sure if linking to my other posts was allowed or not. Some groups don't like you to do this, so I went with being cautious. I'm grateful for the clarification and the help!