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Evil Maid attack message

Topics: Technical Issues
Apr 27, 2017 at 4:50 PM
I posted this once before and got no resolution, so I'm reposting.

I keep getting the "…bootloader fingerprint failed…"Evil Maid" attack…" message on boot. It only happens after I've travelled and logged onto the internet through a hotel wi-fi connection, and it always happens when I do. When I get home I use the rescue disk to restore the boot loader and key data, though I have to do that three or four times, and that eliminates it.

Most recently, the only internet access I made use of was looking up restaurants on Google Maps, and check e-mail with Microsoft Outlook.

Here's an interesting twist: my wife was traveling with me, and when I signed out so she could sign in and check her email, she didn't get the message. Over a period of several days, after finishing full boot, we repeatedly went back and forth, and when she signed in she got no such message, but every time I signed her out and signed back into my user account, I did get it.

Details are:
  1. Sony Vaio notebook.
  2. Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607 (64 bit)
  3. All software legit and properly licensed.
  4. Full disk encryption, no hidden OS
  5. Fully up-to-date Norton Security
  6. VeraCrypt 1.19 (64 bit)
This is clearly a false positive, and it is irritating.