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Where is the sense?

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Apr 21 at 9:23 PM

one thing I don't understand: Storing your files in cloud has one and only purpose: To access them from other computers over the internet. You do not upload your files just to save them, at least not to a public provider, that would be cranky, wouldn't it? You upload them to access them from anywhere and therefore you prevent your provider from reading them. That's the internet.

So that does mean that you need a way to decrypt your data on strange computers, e.g. in an internet cafe or in the office, and that you cannot and do not want to install any software on these computers. I've flown over the headlines of the first 15 pages of discussions - and this problem isn't even mentioned. Nor in the support docs of manufacturer, at least this is not mentioned there as the first and most important feature. What's going on? Why does one upload his data, if he cannot access them over the internet without primarily searching someone to install decryption software on that computer (whether in the office or wherever)? You don't upload your files just to download them to the same computer, don't you?

Thanks for your ideas, or even better, for a solution to use the cloud in a useful and safe manner.

Apr 22 at 10:03 AM
There may not be any sense to "cloud storage". Many might argue that they only benefit to cloud storage is if it is used as an "off-site" backup.
Most tend to forget that any information you store on these services belongs to the provider. (You put it there means they own it)

For me, Encrypting a USB3 external pocket drive & synced to my home PC is the best solution.
The time and bandwidth required for "cloud solutions" are too costly.
Apr 22 at 10:31 AM
absolutely agree with both statements above!
Apr 25 at 8:47 AM
Edited Apr 25 at 8:48 AM
StefanoFereri wrote:
... for a solution to use the cloud in a useful and safe manner.
It has been discussed quite a few times. You can either put veracrypt container into cloud synced folder (big waste of bandwidth, cannot be mounted by more devices at the same time), or use something like EncFS, which works perfectly on linux, but is still not mature on windows. There are two projects for windows I'm aware: encfsmp and resurrected encfs4win, maybe one of them will work for you. Paid alternative is boxcryptor, if you don't mind it is proprietary. With encfs cloud providers cannot decrypt file names or content, but they can see file sizes. Personally I like, 50GB free space, everything is encrypted before leaving device, does not care about the content and it works fine.