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Windows unable to boot after decryption

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Mar 25 at 1:07 AM
I just tried Windows partition encryption with VeraCrypt 1.19 on Windows 10 Home on an HP notebook with UEFI, Secure Boot disabled.
This notebook shows the following partitions:
  • EFI system
  • Windows C:
  • Recovery
  • Recovery D:
Windows C: partition encryption went terribly bad.
Pretest was successful so I launched encryption, and as instructions allowed, I rebooted when encryption showed around 3% progress.
The notebook then went into the diagnose/repair/reboot cycle described in many threads in this forum.
So I used the USB EFI image to "Decrypt OS" and to "Restore OS header keys".
However it still goes into the diagnose/repair/reboot cycle.

Am I missing something?
How can I know if decryption has really been completed and Windows is ready to boot?

I used the command line to launch "diskpart", and command "list volume" shows:
"Volumen 0" as "C", "RAW", "914GB", "Correcto".
What does this mean with the rest of the information I provided?
Mar 25 at 2:46 AM
Edited Mar 25 at 2:57 AM
I used GParted from a USB drive and got the following:
Clic to see GParted snapshot
Mar 25 at 8:32 AM
Situation is complex - restore key is possible only if full encryption is done. Probably you have some sectors ranges encrypted others are open.

Version 1.19 has problem in rescue disk.
Mar 26 at 7:25 PM
I downloaded the patch and now it shows 1.20 BETA 3.
I launched "Decrypt OS" but it didn't detect any issue and it didn't offer to fix anything.
It is currently decrypting again and it looks like it will take 4 to 8 hours.
I wonder if it is really decrypting encrypted sectors or if it is decrypting already decrypted data.
I will wait and see and report later.

At this point, I would like to recover some data, but if that's not possible, then I just want to make the partition usable again, that is, allowing reinstallation.
What can I should I do if RAW status remains? Could GParted be used to set the right partiton flags? Would that suffice?
Mar 26 at 7:55 PM
Stop decryption! You are destroying data because it was not encrypted.

The most easy way to restore - tool like R-Studio to scan and to detect recoverable data.

Installation is possible. Select the partition and format.
Mar 27 at 5:33 AM
Too late, decryption cycle was done.
Status shown was: "100%". "Done", "Not ready", why "Nor ready", what does it mean?

I rebooted and HP self repair was triggered but failed and stopped.
"diskpart" still shows: "Volumen 0" as "C", "RAW", "914GB", "Correcto".

At this point I consider that data has been destroyed.
How should I format the C partition to allow the HP software to self reinstall?
Can you be specific please?
Mar 27 at 1:35 PM
no difference - gparted or diskpart

e.g. diskpart (see help <cmd> for details)
  1. list disk
  2. select disk <d>
  3. list part
  4. select part <p>
  5. format FS=NTFS LABEL="OS" QUICK
<d> - disk number
<p> - partition number with OS
Mar 27 at 11:57 PM
Thanks for the help.
Just as a tip for those who experience the same issue on an HP notebook:
I found an option inside HP Recovery Manager that was able to reformat the Windows partition, copy the installation files and restore the factory installation.
As much as I like to use the command tool, I opted for having the HP software run the necessary fixes for me.