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Hidden OS cloning freezes

Topics: Technical Issues
Mar 5, 2017 at 11:48 AM

trying to setup hidden OS.

Win 7 Pro 64, HPProbook (HPtools deleted) 3, partitions NTFS: 100 MB System; C) OS - 72GB; D) 225 GB Outer Volume.

Cloning stops/freezes at last cca 15GB. Actually it slows hugely, than after1,2 % it seems that it stops totally.

I repeated cloning several times among others with resizing of the partitions. It seems that it has to do something with partition size of C. When C was bigger (for about cca 5 GB i.e. 77 GB) it would stop cloning at cca 20GB. In this setup i cannot reduce C size below 72 GB, (to 57 Gb) for this 15GB

Please any advice would help.