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SSD and Veracrypt Containers Clarification

Topics: Technical Issues, Users Discussion
Feb 27 at 3:32 AM
Hi. Long time user of VeraCrypt containers on my HDD. I recently upgraded to an SSD. I read the documentation on VC and "Wear-Leveling" devices (like an SSD) but am a little confused on the conclusion. My questions below are for only container volumes (not full disk encryption).

1) Does using VC encrypted containers on an SSD hurt the drive performance or health in any way?
2) Does using VC encrypted containers on an SSD provide any level of security ? I understand that someone can go in and potentially find the other versions of data in older locations - but I'd imagine this technology would be unavailable to the average thief that steals a laptop, right?

Thanks for your help and I appreciate the good product you all are putting out !