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Hidded operating system on a brand new SSD

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Feb 14, 2017 at 8:31 AM
Hi to all the community here
I have a very important and urgent question about making a Hidden OS on my brand new Samsung 850 EVO.
I read posts online saying that with the wear-leveling and TRIM feature of the SSD the encryption is less secure and less efficient on those SSD. Is that right?
I also read that in order to maintain a good speed after the full disk encryption I must create a partition of 75% of the total space of my SSD and install the Hidden operation system there, so the empty space should be used to not impact the performance, is this right too?

But there are some security concerns about what I'm going to do?

In the end what I want to do is create an Hidden OS on my SSD with the same security provided on a normal HDD but with a better performance than a normal HDD.
So my question is simple: How can I do that?

Unfortunately in all the posts I read I couldn't find a conclusive indication of what u should do on SSD to maintain perfect security and good speed.
So if I encrypt only the 75% of my SSD and install there the Hidded OS, am I safe?

Thanks in advance.