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Hidden volume question

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Feb 13 at 6:13 AM
So I tried out the hidden volume on a SSD. Let's say my SSD is 100GB. Let's say I create a hidden volume of 20GB and a standard volume of 80GB. When I open up the 80GB volume, the drive will say there's only 80GB of space. But we know that the drive is actually 100GB total.

I'm confused as to how there's a plausible deniability. If I open up the standard space, it's clear that there's 20GB missing.

Feb 13 at 7:39 AM
Hidden volume technics is to hide one encrypted data inside another encrypted data. In your case SSD has to have one partition 100GB. Fake data is 80GB. Hidden data is 20GB.

If you wrote something big on fake data part without protection of hidden data it can destroy hidden data.
if you do not work with fake data for long period it is suspicious. Any expert can suggest: old unused data => No one need it for long => why is this data encrypted? => it can be fake => probably there is hidden data => plausible deniability?
Lets suggest you work with fake data regular but you need smooth encryption => Fake data encrypted and hidden data encrypted has to be undistinguishable statistically. At least encryption algorithms of fake and hidden data have to be the same.

Note: Hidden volume is tool only. plausible deniability is possible but not easy to keep.
Feb 15 at 4:00 AM
So it sounds like I misconfigured the hidden volume when I was following the wizard. I should have 1 partition of 100GB (80 GB standard and 20GB hidden) and not 2 partitions (80GB partition and a 20GB partition).

Thank you for mentioning the limitations too.