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Mounting raw image of disk

Topics: Technical Issues, Users Discussion
Feb 5, 2017 at 5:34 PM
I have a raw disk image (created with dd) of a disk that had full disk encryption enabled with VeraCrypt. This image a a backup of the disk and the disk is broken. I am trying to access the encrypted data by mounting it in an Ubuntu machine, but with little luck.

What I have done is mount the image on loop0 via losetup and then use VeraCrypt to mount /dev/loop0, but the only response I get is “Error: Partition device required”.

In order to figure out what is going on, I encrypted another disk with full disk encryption and made another dd image. Now when I connect this disk I can mount it using the veracrypt command perfectly, but the image gives the same problem. I also checked the /dev/sdb1 (the disk) and the /dev/loop0 (the image) contents and they are exactly the same. So why is the latter giving this error about a partition device?