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Veracrypt doesn't recognize passwords anymore

Topics: Technical Issues
Feb 4 at 10:45 PM
I have 2 external HDDs fully encrypted with VeraCrypt 1.19, one is NTFS, the other EXT4.
Always worked fine until today, whenever i try to open them i get this window:
Passwords are 100% correct, i tried to copy past them to the box too.
I already tried to change password or to restore volume header without any result (same window appears).

I get this issue both on Linux Mint 18.1 64-bit and on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I would like to not lose more than 600 GB of data!

Thanks in advance!
Feb 7 at 8:25 PM
Hey, literally just figured out what the problem is as I had the same issue.


When mounting a volume it is important that you select the correct partition to be mounted, which seems obvious.

However there is a difference between selecting the

"Harddisk 2" as this will output as "\Device\Harddisk2\Partition__0__"


"\Device\Harddisk2\Partition1" as this will output "\Device\Harddisk2\Partition__1__"

You would assume that since the volume has only 1 partition that there would only be one possible option. There are two in this case, 1 is the drive as a whole and 2 is the specfic only partition. Your password will only work on that particular partition and not the drive as whole.

Try your password again but mount the single partition only and not the whole drive.

Hope this fixes your problem as well.
Feb 7 at 11:55 PM
Thank you for the answer but i already tried what you wrote. Actually, i was mounting the correct partition but since didn't work i tried with whole device too. Obviously without any good result.
I think i'm just doomed and i'm forced to wipe everything and i'll probably go back with LUKS.
Anyway i wait until the week's end to see if any new answer will pops up (hopefully)