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VC External Drive is missing directories

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 29, 2017 at 3:16 AM
Hi All,
I have a WD 2TB My Passport Ultra external drive that I encrypted with VC 1.17.
Back in early October '16 I connected the drive, mounted it and copied some files to the three main directories on the disk. There were no problems.
In late October I again connected the drive to copy some files to it. Instead of the usual "Select a Partition or Device" option of:
Harddisk 3: 1.8 TB
/Device/Harddisk3/Partition1 H: 1.8 TB

the only option I had was:
Harddisk 3: 1.8 TB

I attempted to mount it anyway. After several attempts (with the same password copy and pasted from Notepad!) it finally mounted the drive. Windows Explorer showed the drive at the correct drive letter with no directories.

It looks like the disk has some bad sectors in key locations. I picked up a couple of Toshiba 2TB external drives for testing and used dd to image the drive. I also used WinHex to back up the drive to my external RAID 5 so I don't have to connect the original and possibly damage it further. During the testing described below I have completely trashed the drives several times and had to re-image it and start again.

I spent a couple of months playing with testdisk, gparted, and parted. I've been able to rebuild a partition table that displays the correct partition (/Device/Harddisk3/Partition1 H: 1.8 TB) and allows me to mount it. Windows Explorer displays all three directories but only one of them has any data in it. gparted tells me the drive still has all my data on it (in one form or another) but I only see data in the "Documents" directory. "Pictures" and Video" are empty.
I’ve used the following data recovery programs in an attempt to pull my “Pictures” and “Videos” off the disk:
Magic Recovery
Glary Undelete
EaseUS Data Recovery
Wise Data Recovery
GetDataBack Simple

I’m not getting anything from either of the two empty directories. I’ve attempted to decrypt the drive on several occasions. Error follows:
Operation failed due to one or more of the following:
  • Incorrect password.
  • Incorrect Volume PIM number.
  • Incorrect PRF (hash).
  • Not a valid volume.
Source: MountVolume:7336

I've attempted recovery from Windows 7, Windows 10, Xubuntu 16.xx and Ubuntu 16.xx.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you folks might have.