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System drive PIM default value? Boot loader works, rescue disk does not

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Jan 22, 2017 at 4:22 PM
I am trying to address a corrupted Windows boot partition issue. The Veracrypt boot loader appears intact and can decrypt and boot the partition, which then fails.

However- I cannot edit or repair it as it is encrypted. And I cannot initiate permanent decryption, because a Veracrypt rescue disk demands a PIM, and fails with the same working password. I do not input a PIM when decrypting the disk in use. So what is the PIM value missing, or what is the default PIM value I need to input when using a rescue disk??

As I stated, the boot loader version works and the password is valid, but the contained partition is corrupt. So why does the rescue disk fail with the same password and blank or default PIM value? I have tried just pressing ENTER to skip it, I have tried 0-5 so far, but what is the proper PIM value if there was nothing selected previously?

Is the only other option to decrypt the disk from within another Windows installation of Veracrypt? That will be terribly time-consuming to reinstall Windows on an external USB drive simply to run Veracrypt, but it is possible. Removing the SSD from the machine is not a practical option as the ultrabook is sealed and highly integrated.