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Two different encryption tools?

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 14, 2017 at 2:10 PM
Heya Crypties,

at first: I´m not sure if Iam at the right forum...
If not, I would please/asked the Mod´s to move my question to the right forum, ok?

I´m a longtime user of TrueCrypt and since VeraCrypt is it´s successor I´m thinking of
a switch to VeraCrypt...

But I´m not sure if it will work with my (allready existing) TrueCrypt-Drives, so I´d like to
know/ask if it´s possible to run the latest (functioning) TrueCrypt-Version (7.1a) with a
Of course the latest Version... :-)

Many THX!, in advance, for your answers & help!

THX! & Greetz,