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Oh lord jesus help me god damn

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 10 at 1:12 PM
So i was encrypting my disk(full disk)and I had it running for quite some time i forgot that and I forced turned my computer off before going to sleep
When i wake up and turn computer on now it doesnt even load preboot or normal boot at all

Is there a way to just reset computer or is my computer gone for good !!!@!!!

I dont giva fack about lost data I just want my laptop working again it''s a Hp laptop btw

Please help a fellow black dude out
Jan 10 at 1:14 PM
I am not trolling yo trollstation is a youtube channel that i watch just saying
Jan 10 at 1:23 PM
Also i have no rescue disk cause i skipped it for later

I planned to use it after encryption completed

Whenever i turn hp pc on it keeps restarting

Am i doomed forever can i not just reset laptop like it was when i bought it pleaese help oh lord i am so sad