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Does Veracrypt works with a 72 TB large volume?

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Jan 9 at 4:08 PM
I'm looking forward to encrypt my RAID array.

I'm wondering if veracrypt is up to the task, I of-cause want to minimize the risk of a catastrophic failure. I have my data backup-ed but only the important things (obviously given the size of the array) so in case of a total data lost on that array many VM images and HDD backups of my machines would be gone, nothing unrecoverable but a lot of work though spread on a do when needed basis.

I never used Veracrypt aside of in a few tests, I only used TC in the past a lot.

Does anyone her uses any of the applications in question to protect a multiple 10 TB large volume?

Can I assume that any product that can successfully handle > 2 TB volumes supports all sizes up to 256 TB what IIRC is a current limitation of NTFS.
Or are there any potential issues that can show with a 72 TB volume which don't show when testing on a 3 TB drive?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Jan 9 at 6:26 PM
Rare configuration. I do not have experience with large volumes. (2+ TB) Your opinion will be interesting.

General organization of VC is the same as TC. Main limitation is sector size = 512 in Windows.

For a large RAID there were some info about benchmarks (crystalmark). Test the RAID before.