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Vera Crypt Command Line - Mount Option - Recovery

Topics: Technical Issues
Jan 6, 2017 at 3:01 PM
Hi there,

I have a problem with my encrypted volumes that each time I tries to mount them I get "incorrect password ..." and I know the password is correct as I use it on daily basis. I believe that is caused by the fact that my volume header is somehow damaged (e.g. due to data corruption).

I have tried the headerbak mount option which did not work for me. I have also tried the "recovery" mount option that is stated in the command line documentation as:
recovery: Do not verify any checksums stored in the volume header. This option should be used only when the volume header is damaged and the volume cannot be mounted even with the mount option headerbak.
That failed as well, which lead me to check the source code and it seems to me that the "recovery" mount option does not have any effect on checking the volume header checksums. Basically it seems it is not used at all. Please find the listing below:
    Search "RecoveryMode" (10 hits in 6 files)
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\Common\Common.h (1 hit)
    Line 89:    BOOL RecoveryMode;
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\Common\Dlgcode.c (2 hits)
    Line 7507:  mount.RecoveryMode = mountOptions->RecoveryMode;
    Line 7507:  mount.RecoveryMode = mountOptions->RecoveryMode;
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\Mount\Mount.c (2 hits)
    Line 733:       defaultMountOptions.RecoveryMode = FALSE;
    Line 8663:                          mountOptions.RecoveryMode = TRUE;
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\ExpandVolume\WinMain.cpp (1 hit)
    Line 291:   defaultMountOptions.RecoveryMode = FALSE;
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\Driver\Ntvol.c (3 hits)
    Line 462:       ReadVolumeHeaderRecoveryMode = mount->RecoveryMode;
    Line 462:       ReadVolumeHeaderRecoveryMode = mount->RecoveryMode;
    Line 491:       ReadVolumeHeaderRecoveryMode = FALSE;
  C:\Users\Łukasz\Downloads\VeraCrypt_1.19_Source\VeraCrypt-master-8220ae94c64722fbe39e92dfcfce84f8da96a91e\src\Common\Apidrvr.h (1 hit)
    Line 161:   BOOL RecoveryMode;
As I am not that familiar with such stuff would you be so kind to validate that for me? Does the recovery mount option really have no effect on mounting?

For reference this is how I use it from the Windows Command Line:
VeraCrypt.exe /v \Device\Harddisk1\Partition2 /p MyPassword /q /l n /m sm /m recovery /tc
Thank you in advance.
Jan 16, 2017 at 4:40 PM

anyone used in the past the "recovery" mount option?
Any help would be highly appreciated.