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cached password mounting way slower than uncached (bug?)

Topics: Feature Requests, Technical Issues
Nov 20, 2016 at 4:51 PM
Hi, I noticed, that when I use password caching and specify PKCS algorithm manually, the first mounting after entering password takes just 2 seconds, but any subsequent mouning (another partition) takes 8 seconds, which is a big difference. Is that intentional behaviour, or a bug?

It looks like PKCS is simply not cached along with the password properly (or not at all). When I don't specify PKCS (use autodetected), first mounting takes 8 seconds, subsequent mounting takes 8 too.

I have tried to press exit to clear cahced password and enter password again and it takes 2 seconds on second partition too, so it is not hw problem. VC version 1.19.

I'd understant even if that's intentional, but I think that vc should first try with cached password and pkcs and only when unsuccessful test all another pkcs with the same pasword. This would speed cached mounting very much.

Btw. will there ever be cancel button in that please wait window during mounting? Mistyped password takes eternity on slow machines :(

Thank you.