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Two systems one disk

Topics: Technical Issues
Oct 23, 2016 at 8:03 PM

I've bought a new HDD for my laptop, and I'm planning to install two operating systems on it. One will be Windows and the other will be Linux. Naturally I'd like to encrypt both, but since Veracrypt doesn't support full disk encryption with different OS'es I'm planning to use VC to encrypt any windows partition(s) while the linux partition(s) will be encrypted using LUKS/LVM. To avoid dual-booting problems on my desktop PC I simply use two hard drives with one OS on each. Then I use the BIOS boot menu to choose which OS to boot. My laptop unfortunately has only room for one disk, which means I will finally have to setup dual boot.

Now since this is a brand new disk I have all the freedom to configure the OS installations. I've been using TrueCrypt for a long time, and Veracrypt already appears familiar to me. One thing I failed to notice is a guide for multi-boot installations. Is there anything like that available somewhere? Because I have some questions before I actually start setting up the PC i.e.:
  • How should I setup the partitions on the disk? The disk is 2TB so I planned to use one 1TB partition for windows and another 1TB for linux. Though I think linux will actually need another 512MB unencrypted partition for the /boot mountpoint.
  • Which partition should I install linux/windows to?
  • What order should I install the operating systems? Linux first or windows first?
  • Which bootloader should I use as the main one to chainload the other? Grub=>Veracrypt or Veracrypt=>Grub?
  • Any other suggestions?