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Raspberry: debian 8 - Lose Mount when FTP Sync

Topics: Technical Issues
Oct 16, 2016 at 1:11 PM
Edited Oct 22, 2016 at 7:44 AM
Hi All,

i have an Issue with my VeraCrypt Mount on my PI.
What i did:
On Windows
  • Install VeraCrpt in Wondows 10
  • Create a VeryCryp Container(2GB) on a new USB Stick (256GB) via Windows (NFS Dynamic)
On Pi
  • Install VeraCrypt
  • Mount USB
    "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o utf8,uid=pi,gid=pi,noatime /dev/sda1 /media/pi/256GB"
  • "Mount" Container from USB Stick to "Bilder"
    "veracrypt -k /home/pi/VeraKey /media/pi/256GB/Bilder /media/pi/Bilder -p "MyPassword"
  • I have Access to my Opened Container
TFP (Windows)
  • Now i start one Folder Sync via FTP .... => Fine
  • When i start a huge Job, several Files and Folder or one 1GB Movie File .... it starts... but after 1-2 Minutes. the connect is lost => Result: VeraCryp Container is lost
Has someone an Idear? Is it a performence issue from my PI?
Is it possible to set a fixed time for the encryption? For Example my FTP Upload is till 20:00. And always at 24:00 the encryption starts?