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Errors For Decrypting System Disk

Topics: Technical Issues
Oct 1, 2016 at 8:18 PM
I attempted to decrypt the system disk because of concerns about Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The task did not finish (possibly because of a power saving setting). Attempts to resume fail with veracrypt:bootencryption:calldriver:xxxx. I tried to complete decryption from Veracrypt rescue, but it just hangs for an hour with no probress. I tried using chkdsk repairs and the decryption still fails. After every reboot, Veracrypt asks to resume and the only options are to continue or defer. There is no way to reset/cancel this (talk about endless loops in a software design).

How can I recover from this? If need be, I could backup my files and try to reinstall Windows 10; but I would appreciate advice on the steps for doing this (backup, prepare installation dvds, replace Veracrypt boot loader with Windows 10 loader, ..., etc).