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Windows 10 update to version 1607 fails - here's a work around

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Sep 8, 2016 at 3:02 PM
Hello out there,

Did you ever wonder why your Windows 10 update to version 1607 fails while system encryption is active?
Here's how I worked around.

A hint: Before trying to use the Media Creation Tool permanently decrypt the system drive because when the process of updating fails the MCT starts the download again which can be tiresome on 16 Mbps lines or slower!

During the process of updating my Windows 10 to version 1607 the MCT stated after quite some time that it had to reboot to continue. After rebooting I ended up in some sort of repair console where I could only choose to continue with the installed Windows 10 - which I did. After rebooting and loading Windows 10 the MCT claimed that the update process failed. What had happened?

After this first reboot the MCT starts Windows 10 in some sort of virtual mini OS to continue the update. Seems like the live OS can't be active during the process of updating. No idea what this virtual mini OS does to the HDD but VeraCrypt blocks it somehow and so the update fails. I permanently decrypted the system drive (and thanked the gods that I didn't encrypt the whole drive but the partitions by itself so I had to "only" decrypt 100 GB which on an octacore system roughly took half an hour) and gave the MCT another try. This time it finished successfully and Windows was updated to version 1607. Note that after this process some of the "phone home" features of Windows 10 (in my case the telemetry) are re-activated - just in case your privacy matters to you.

In my case I had to run the Disk Cleanup Tool to remove the old backed up files because I'm running a RAID-0 rig with an AMD chipset and my system drive is reported as "removable" which it isn't. If I didn't run the Cleanup Tool VeraCrypt would have told me during system encryption that the "removable" (haha) medium was "removed" (I know this is a weird error but that's how computers work :-) )

Finally I re-encrypted the system drive which reminded me to update the Rescue Disk - hadn't done this for a long time.
Encryption took approximately half an hour for 100 GB.

That's how I did it. Maybe it's helpful to others.

Sep 8, 2016 at 3:37 PM
Edited Sep 8, 2016 at 3:45 PM
Thanks Marcus.

I would caution users that if you have other Windows partitions attached to your PC that are encrypted with VeraCrypt to either decrypt them or disconnect them from your PC (external HDDs) to prevent the often reported issue of the Windows upgrade performing a quick format of the other encrypted devices.

I believe Microsoft said Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. All new Windows versions will be upgrades to Windows 10 as in the case of 1607 Anniversary Edition. Per the FAQ, you will have to decrypt the system encryption. See Note below.
Will I be able to mount my VeraCrypt partition/container after I reinstall or upgrade the operating system?

Yes, VeraCrypt volumes are independent of the operating system. However, you need to make sure your operating system installer does not format the partition where your VeraCrypt volume resides.

Note: If the system partition/drive is encrypted and you want to reinstall or upgrade Windows, you need to decrypt it first (select System > Permanently Decrypt System Partition/Drive). However, a running operating system can be updated (security patches, service packs, etc.) without any problems even when the system partition/drive is encrypted.